Greening the Blue

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Martineau & Co manages Greening the Blue on a daily basis and has produced eight editions of the annual Greening the Blue report, which details the UN’s environmental footprint for the previous year.

The UN employs over 200,000 staff across 60 separate organisations, in over 100 countries around the world.

Getting an organisation of this size onto a sustainable footing is no small undertaking. Yet in 2008, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) committed to support the UN System in measuring and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. And UNEP asked Martineau & Co to provide communications support.

Twelve months later, Greening the Blue was launched by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. The campaign was designed to be internally focused, using external communications and a strong visual brand to engage with staff at all levels across the UN.

Making effective use of digital communications, Greening the Blue continues to collect and share data and stories of success, as well as materials to encourage UN staff to adopt more sustainable approaches to their work.

Imogen delivered an impressive series of high quality, original outputs that have helped to make the Greening the Blue initiative a symbol for achievement and innovation in the UN.
— Isabella Marras, Sustainable United Nations Coordinator, UN Environment