Sometimes the challenges our world faces seem overwhelming.

So it’s heartening to know there are myriad innovative, ambitious programmes – large and small – working to bring about positive change.

We think these projects should be sung from the rooftops, so that each and every one can achieve its goals.

Whatever your programme, no matter what stage it’s at, our ready-to-go communications team can mobilise to deliver what’s needed.

Working in-house or remotely, our talented specialists develop and roll out bespoke communications to celebrate life-enhancing projects.

We use communications, interwoven with our knowledge of sustainable development, to define your programme’s purpose, grow the confidence of your team and ensure your goals are met.

We help our clients achieve positive change, one project at a time.

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There’s something so predictable (and even worthy!) about most sustainability communications. The mission of Martineau & Co is to do it very differently - to make it fun, to make it challenging, to make it stick!
— Jonathon Porritt